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Tilt your machine and align your feet for pain free sewing. Includes SureFoot System for perfect alignment of the hips and feet. The Tilt’able™ is a patented, portable, molded, tilted sewing platform that can be used with all portable sewing machines. Made of ABS plastic reinforced with fiberglass resin, the Tilt’able™ brings the machine toward the user promoting a good sewing posture and improving the view of the sewing area. The Tilt’able™ has six levels of adjustment to provide the ideal angle for any machine or user preference. Virtually unbreakable, the Tilt’able™ will serve your sewing needs for years to come, relieving neck and upper back strain and pain. The resulting comfortable sewing position allows you to sew longer and enjoy your sewing experience more. The Tilt’able™ especially works well for those with glasses or bi/tri-focals. It can be used in most cabinets and with portable extension tables. Set includes the SureFoot System. The SureFoot System aligns your feet and hips to provide maximum comfort while sewing. The foot wedge gives your non-pedal foot support and the floor mat and pads keep your pedal from moving around under your table while sewing. No more pedal chasing! Tilt'able is white. SureFoot System has white foot rest and black rubber mat.