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AP10087 Easy Press Fabric Treatment Combo Pack

Best Quilt Sew Knit Products Ltd is pleased to let our valued customers know that Acorn Products Easy Press Solution is now going by the name Easy Press Fabric Treatment. We believe this product name better describes the versatility of Easy Press as a fabric treatment to renew fabric after pre-washing and improve accuracy when cutting and piecing your fabrics for your quilting projects.
Perfect your piecing and refresh your fabric with Acorn Precision Piecing's NEW dynamic duo! Designed by Shelley and Bernie Tobisch, Acorn Precision Piecing's Easy Press Fabric Treatment makes it easy to create accurate, flat seams every time you quilt! The mist bottle included in this combo pack helps you to distribute the Easy Press Fabric Treatment evenly across your fabric in seconds and works perfectly in conjunction with the 16 oz. bottle. Why will you love it? Not only does the Easy Press Fabric Treatment improve your sewing and cutting accuracy, it also renews your fabric when you pre-wash and dry it. If that weren't enough to make this formula a quilting superstar, it also helps to add volume and eliminate fraying! Consider this to be a spa treatment for your fabric! - The mist bottle sprays an even layer of product across your fabric! - Seams are precise and flat! - The Easy Press Fabric Treatment renews fabric after pre-washing and drying! - This duo drastically improves accuracy when cutting and sewing! - It helps to add volume and inhibits fraying! - Use instead of starch or starch alternatives!