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Wool Press 'n Lock Tiles Set of 4

The next innovation in Wool Pressing Mats is here!! Our exclusive interlocking wool tiles help you put together the size pressing mat you need. These 10" x 10" tiles interlock to create as large or as small of a mat as you'd like. You can connect the tiles of wool pressing mats to make one as large as you need and the shape you need it. These were designed by us, real quilters and sewers, so we know how important a great pressing surface can be. Our "retreat" set, comes in a set of 2 tiles you can interlock.

FEATURED IN Quilts & More magazine.

What makes these different? Flexibility.
These 10" tiles are completely flexible to make the size and shape you want, PLUS it breaks down for easy storage.
Pressing a long binding to your quilt? line them up in a row to make a long ironing surface.
Pressing large blocks? Put four together to make a 20" by 20" mat perfect for pressing large blocks.
Have a specific size table for pressing? Get the combination you need specific to your workspace. Grab one and put it next to your sewing machine while piecing.

Travel smart. Take one or take them all, but them fit nicely in a small box or carry-on for your next sewing adventure. You can even combine tiles with your quilting and sewing friends to make a huge pressing mat at your quilt guild meetings or classes.

Create a design wall. Another great trick? put the mats on a wall to make an amazing design wall or spray basting surface. Simply use heavy duty 3M tape to hang them. Fabric will "stick" to them or you can easily pin into the surface.

Why is wool so great? Because wool has natural fire resistant properties- it won’t melt, it won’t burn and it retains heat well. Because it is heat resistant it pushes the heat back into your item. That’s why we say it “irons both sides at the same time". The result is very flat quilt blocks and seams. It holds heat and steam like a brick oven The heat goes all the way through the fibers. It's not necessary to use steam.

You usually don’t need to use starch, but if you do, the wool pressing mat is felted so it can be easily cleaned by running under cool water and letting it dry. It creates a nice, flat stable surface The mats are ½” thick and a tightly packed 100% felted wool. This allows to have a nice stable flat surface to iron on. Your items stay put, no sliding It does 'grab' your blocks and patches as you press—a really big help when you're pressing blocks into submission. You can line up an edge of your block with your fingers and give a bit of a tug as you pull it square while pressing. Your items won’t slip like they do on a traditional ironing board and it does all this without pinning. No distortion will happen to your blocks as they stay in place while pressing. You can pin into the mat though if you need to hold your item down for whatever reason.

  • Made of: Wool
  • Size: 10in x 10in
  • Use: Pressing Mat
  • Contents: 4pk Interlocking Wool Tiles